Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The LAST Peer Training

So, for AmeriCorps we do these peer training days every month during which some of our peers train us. Go figure! Anyways, they are generally pretty awesome and this Monday was no exception. We went to a local college, Warren Wilson, and learned all about forestry and even got to go swimming! It as the last peer training, which was kind of sad, but I only have FOUR days left of actual work until I am done with AmeriCorps. I can hardly believe it! Anyways, I took lots of photos and here are a few. I'm trying to take myself more seriously as a photographer (or something like that) so I added a fancy-schmancy border and my name to my photos this time! It's a learning process, right? Enjoy!


  1. Oh! The little path through the trees - lovely!

  2. I love your photos. The one of the forest path makes me actually want to be there:)