Sunday, July 12, 2009


I feel like a 1970s ballerina in this outfit!

Shirt: ??? but I've had it forever
Skirt: worn as dress, thrifted and vintage
Shoes: jellies from Ross
Bag: vintage and thrifted macrame!

I wanted to play with my decades here and not get too literal with my vintage like I often do by just wearing a vintage dress. I paired and 80s bridesmaids skirt worn as a dress with a modern top and shoes and spent all night feeling like a 70s ballerina! The only actual 70s item is that thrifted macrame handbag. I think Petey approves! And, p.s. I love this new photo location, I don't know how I was missing it before because its my back porch! What you can't see is the trash can and piles and piles of boxes behind me!

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