Monday, July 27, 2009


Ok, I'll admit it. I only fake wore this today while trying out my brand new shoes!! I love to dress up and accessorise new things, it makes them feel like they are really mine and helps me think about how they might fit into my wardrobe! Oh, and in case I freaked anyone out with that whole unemployment thing, what happened was that my year long job with AmeriCorps (its like the PeaceCorps, but you don't get to go anywhere cool) is over. I'm unemployed and loving it, but I guess I'll have to get a real job soon... though I am considering busting my ass on GVV to see if I can make it a for real, profitable gig rather than just a fun hobby!

Dress: Ross
Belt: Vintage, free
Bag: Vintage, thrifted
NEW SHOES: J.Crew clearance center

I don't know how some of you ladies wear three inch heels everyday, but I can tell you that I will probably only be wearing these for about two hours for a wedding this weekend before they come off and some flats go on! I have to brag though, I got these shoes for $30 and they retail for $265. I also love that a belt that I found at a 'free store' matches them perfectly. If anyone out there lives in or around Asheville and doesn't know about the super secret J.Crew Clearance center, give me a holler and I'll hook you up!

Oh, and while we are on the subject of admitting things, let me go ahead and mention how excited I am for The Bachelorette finale tonight! Even though this season has mostly been a snooze-fest, the stupid surprise twist ending gets me every time! Am I alone in this? Back me up here, ladies!


  1. I love the colour combination!Good luck with the job hunting...or not :-)

  2. I love your outfit! Oh what a great color combination...and your shoes! Oh, they are fabulous:)

  3. I totally agree about three inch heels but when you've found a deal that great, and shoes that look that amazing, always a go.

  4. Love the outfit! I'm in the Upstate SC area and have heard about the JCrew clearance store, but would love any more info you have about it. I came across your blog searching for the clearance center's hours, any ideas?

  5. You can call them by calling the regular store in asheville and asking to be transfered to the clearance center... but i know they close at 6 on weekdays and that they are open on sunday afternoons as well. Don't know about saturday! Let me know if you need help finding it! ou must go immediately, you will love it!

  6. love those shoes! but I agree... heels are evil. I'm all about comfort... flats and wedges please!