Thursday, July 9, 2009

7.9.09- Thrifting Adventures!

I was feeling a little sorry for myself this week what with my bike getting stolen and all my photos getting deleted from my computer. Whats the perfect solution? Thrifting! I found a great new thrift store in a ritzier part of town and it was pretty awesome, though I think someone else shopping for a vintage store was leaving as I was coming in because she had a ton of awesome dresses- but there were a few amazing ones left for me!

Tshirt- Gap, altered by me
Skirt- New, vintage and thrifted today!
Shoes- Dansko Mary Janes
Amazing mushroom jar- thrifted today, also!

I am totally obsessed with this mushroom jar- maybe even more so than the new skirt. Though, I do love the sweet little buttons down the back of the skirt! I guess it's a toss up! I only got to wear this skirt around the house tonight, but you will certainly see it in a few more remixes soon. Then, I may have to pass it on to the shop. I'm running out of room in my closet! Speaking of, here are two more dresses that I found that fortunately don't fit me, so as soon as I get them photographed they will be up in GVV!

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