Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last night I went out to dinner and drinks with a friend I hadn't seen in a while, which is always nice in the middle of the week! It makes it feel a little bit less like a weekday and more like a weekend. Speaking of the weekend, my lovely friends and I are planning to do another vintage photoshoot, so lots of new goodies will be up at Green Violet Vintage soon! Things have been going really well with the whole vintage thing and I am having so much fun with it. I don't know if any of my customers are also blog readers, but if so, thanks a million for all the reassurance you have given me! I'm planning to put a lot more time into it in the near future.

Anyways, here is what I wore last evening...

Shirt- Vintage, thrifted
Skirt- DIY from some old jeans
Shoes- Jellies from Ross

I didn't want to get super dressed up for a dinner on a weeknight, but after being out by a creek all day teaching children about water quality, all I really want to do is wear a skirt. Do you ever feel like pants are just too confining to bear? Ok, maybe that's just my personal neurosis! I also wanted to get one wear out of this new vintage shirt before it goes up in GVV. It actually turned out to be both flattering and ridiculous, a combination that I can't get enough of! I might have to hang on to it for just a little bit longer!

Do you know where your energy comes from?

Find out at the new interactive power map by NPR. I think that the most important step towards making more environmentally friendly decisions is to be informed. Over 60% of the power in NC comes from coal and most of that coal is mined using mountain top removal techniques. This is destroying our ecosystems and causing major pollution problems in our streams and rivers.

Check out where your power comes from, the facts can be quite shocking! I know that for myself, I have lofty aspiration of one day living 'off the grid' and producing all my own power through wind and solar sources. A girl can dream, right?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Very Important Update!

I just forced my roommate to look at my speaker/wire/record player set up and he fixed it and now both speakers are working. I swear I tried what he did and it just didn't work for me! I guess men were put on earth for a reason... other than to look pretty and torture me...

And, OMG, my favoritest song ever by the Talking Heads is now playing in surround(ish) sound on my new speakers via WNCW. Now my Monday really has been made!

Go ahead... make my Monday

Ok, so am I right or am I right? Monday sucks a big one. The weekend lulls you into a false sense of actually having control over your destiny, then BAM, Monday comes and you are back at work jumping through hoops whenever your boss lifts her little finger. In and effort combat the Mondays, I'm instituting "Make my Monday" here at the Green Violet. I'm going to list the top five things that I'm digging right now, things that put a spring in my step, things that make me smile a little inside, things that make my Monday just a little bit better.

So, without further ado, here is what is making my Monday this week (countdown style, I'm saving the best for last)...

5. Expanding my business a little. I just posted some vintage fabric at GVV, and there is more to come!

4. These veggie chip things that they have at rich people grocery stores. Seriously. MMMMMM.

3. Listening to the World Cafe on WNCW every night at 6. It never gets old and my love for David Dye only grows deeper.

2. The fact that my sister is graduating from college in two weeks. While this understandably freaks my shit out, it also means three days of vacation at my favorite place on earth, Sewanee.

1. This totally amazing old school record player and two speakers that I scored this weekend for free. FREE! See- volunteering (I prefer to call it forced labor) 9 hours of your time on a Saturday to help save the Earth actually pays off in more ways than just lack of sleep and growing animosity towards AmeriCorps! And, I even hooked up the speakers all by myself, sort of. I can only get one to work at a time. I seriously don't know how anyone survived when you had to hook up actual wires to every speaker in your house and you didn't even have a cell phone you could use to call product support! And, there probably wasn't even product support! It is yet to be determined if the record part actually works or not, as I don't actually have any records. I'm thinking my inaugural record purchase should be some Talking Heads. The radio sounds much better on this thing than my room mate's mini clock radio thing, though, so it was a great find regardless. I think I'm in love.

So, tell me, whats making your Monday?

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ok, so this might be a few days late. On Friday I went out to dinner with a few friends to the best restaurant in Asheville- Salsa! It costs way too many AmeriCorps dollars for us to afford it regularly, but fortunately I have some Etsy dollars coming in now so I don't have to feel so guilty about splurging occasionally. Actually, I sold three things this week, which is a new record! Things are looking up! Anyways, here is what I wore....

Tank Top: ?
Cardigan: Gap, gift from my mom
Purple Skirt: Thrifted
White Skirt: Vintage, thrifted
Shoes: Ross

This was my first experimentation with wearing two skirts- which is something I was inspired to try by all the lovely ladies on wardrobe remix. I think it went pretty well, it added a lot of interest to this boring purple skirt which I almost never wear. It also helped remediate the clingy-ness problem that I am always having with that skirt which often keeps me from wearing it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day

I had an amazing Earth Day- the entire group of AmeriCorps volunteers in western North Carolina went to a conservation property way up on top of a mountain and removed invasive garlic mustard. Here are some photos I took of some lovely native flora and fauna.


I was just on the front page of Etsy, but I completely missed it because the item sold! It was my first time ever, how exciting! So glad I picked up that lovely plaid shirt and put the word picnic in the title!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So excited...

'cause I just bought myself these new shoes!

Just in time for spring. Ok, I'll admit that this will be my third pair of red shoes, but they are totally necessary (or at least that's what I'm telling myself, please agree with me)! I've been looking for a pair of deck shoes forever because they are so hopelessly, classically, preppy, but I wanted something a little bit different than what you see every other girl from the Carolinas wearing. These are just the ticket. The styling possibilities are endless: skirts, rolled up jeans, girly dresses.... yes, yes, and yes! Kimberly, the lovely proprietress of Ruby Gayle Vintage even offered to let me return them if they don't fit, but I'm just going to pretend like that isn't even a possibility.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Just stopping by to say that I found some great vintage items today! I'll try to get them photographed soon. I had a great time in Atlanta for my friend Kate's birthday, but I have to admit that I am not a city girl. It good to be back in Asheville where everything is only 10 minutes away. I hope everyone else had a great weekend also!

So, anyone else gearing up for Earth Day? On Wednesday, I'll be removing invasive exotic plants from a conservation property held by one of the local land trusts and on Saturday I'll be helping out at a green energy conference. I'll admit that this is all for work, but its still nice to get to do something for the Earth!

Friday, April 17, 2009

My bad, I didn't realize that Global Warming was subjective!

Seriously! I don't really think that's what the Pew Forum on Religion and Life was getting at when they published this study, but I can't believe that some people think that an issue as crucial as global warming is subjective. That it's something they can form an opinion on and decide whether or not to believe in it. Global warming isn't religion, people! Or some sort of voodoo or fortune telling! It's science. Unfortunately, the basis of science is theory- ie, nothing is ever proven, but is just further supported by an ever growing body of data and interpretations. Which means that scientists are reluctant to ever state something as fact, leaving the door open for all the naysayers to grab that little shadow of a doubt and run with it! I love doing science, but this is really one of the most frustrating things about it. I think the beauty of science lies in the fact that we can never fully prove anything and that there is always more research to be done and new things to be discovering, however some people see that as an open invitation to disregard an entire set of data!

Anyways, on a happier note, I'm off to Atlanta this weekend to visit my dear friend Kate on her birthday! I hope you all have a lovely weekend also!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More DIY fun

The dress I made last Friday got me thinking that I don't really make enough stuff! Here is the only dress that I have truly made from scratch.

I've made plenty of skirts and done some alterations, but it is so fun to make something totally from the bottom up. I'll have to add this to my list of 'if I ever find a free second' projects. Speaking of, Petey is talking to me loudly about how he needs a walk. Also, he hasn't made an appearance on the blog recently, so here he is- obviously helping me blog!

Friday, April 10, 2009

DIY Day Off

So I had today off of work- apparently Good Friday is a National holiday in the South! Just one more reason that I'm glad I moved back. Now, I could have used today to do something productive like clean the kitchen or vacuum or take photos for GVV... oh wait, I did! And, I managed to do one more thing: upcycle an old white shirt that I never wear and some great vintage fabric that I found at Goodwill into a dress. Here are the fruits of my labor...

I think I like it, though it could probably use a few more tweaks. The rest of that brown and white striped vintage fabric should be up in the shop soon, along with a bunch more that I found. I just LOVE vintage fabric, but I'm not the best seamstress, so I think I will pass it along.


Do ya'll feel like all I'm ever blogging about anymore is what I'm wearing? I promise to try and find some more excitement in my life soon!

LinkDress: ?? but I love it
Cardigan: Gap outlet
Slip: Vintage from BringitBackVintage on Etsy
Belt: Vintage, thrifted on Monday
Shoes: Jellies from Ross (I know they are ridiculous, but I love, love, love them)
Necklace: Vintage hedgehog locket from The Silver Dog

So, today I got my hair did. And I always feel like when I go to get my hair did, I have to look the part. Especially cause I was going to this sort of hip new salon that my friend recommended to me. Also, I've been posting my daily wardrobe photos to the Wardrobe Remix group on Flickr and I've gotten a lot inspiration from the ladies (and gentlemen) who also post their daily outfits. For example, I belted my cardigan and my dress today, which was a new adventure for me. I'm still on the fence about how it worked out- but its always good to try new things!

P.S. Here's the new haircut- I think I might love it!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A rare look at work wear

So, I mostly wear work clothes to work. And by work clothes I don't mean suits or slacks or dresses, I mean Carhartts and really old jeans and t-shirts and lots of performance outwear. So, today was a rare day in which I didn't foresee myself spending copious amounts of time outside. Now, that doesn't mean that I won't have to put in some light field work, so I still have to be practical, but nothing like yesterday when I spent all day installing signs and measuring trees. So, here is a rare look at what I wore to work- actually taken at work (don't tell)!

Shirt: Boutique in Asheville, NC
Sweater: really old (like high school- can you tell by the really outdated style?)
Pants: Target (I didn't realize how big they are- should probably stop wearing them constantly)
Shoes: 9 West Outlet (for $5 because they are two different sizes- are you beginning to notice how cheap I am?)
Sunglasses: Boutique in Flagstaff, AZ
Belt: Thrifted on Monday- seems to be vintage and really awesome!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I finally broke my thrift store fast last night! I hadpromised myself that I wouldn't buy any new things for Green Violet Vintage until I got everything I already had listed in the store. I (mostly) met this goal on Monday night, and even though I was still sniffly and sick last night, I couldn't resist the pull of the Goodwill Clearance store. Burrowing my way through bins and bins of clothing is my own personal cocaine, and I'm so grateful that I have found a way to put this addiction to good use and occasional profit!

Here are some goodies that ya'll will see in GVV once I get some time to photograph them.

Some plus sized fun...

Other goodies that don't fit me, so you won't get to see them modeled until I bribe my friends into having another photoshoot...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I can't believe it...

It's snowing here! There is already almost an inch on the ground! I thought it was spring... so sad.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

So, I really do enjoying going to church. I enjoy the tradition of it all, the comfort it provides, and the lovely people that I always encounter. However, I really hate going to a new church by myself. The services always differ at little from church to church, I never know if I'm sitting in someone's pew, everyone else is there with families and friends and I'm all alone, and sometime people are incredibly snobby and unfriendly. Or, at least, thats my excuse for not having gone to church here in Asheville until this Sunday. But, I finally forced myself to go this morning under the threat of being seen as an Easter only type person next Sunday (which I'm sure I will be anyways) and it was quite nice! And here is what I wore...

Dress: New from Ross
Cardigan: the Gap
Scarf: A gift from my sister from Ecuador (I think I wear this too much, but I love it and it spices up any dull outfit!)
Shoes: Chinese Laundry @ Ross
Purse: Boutique in Flagstaff, AZ

I really enjoyed this outfit this morning. A dress, cardigan, and flats are my old standbys and they never fail me. Being Palm Sunday and all, I didn't want to look TOO cheerful, but it was such a lovely morning that it was hard not to. And, I got to wear my new dress and I busted back out my summer purse. I'm a firm believer in seasonally appropriate clothing (as in, no white before Easter) but I allowed myself to start carrying this purse this week and I'm anticipating all the lovely springy things I'll get to start wearing again a week from today!

Also, I got a bunch of new things up in the vintage shop yesterday, and I'm hoping to get a few more up by the end of the day. I've told myself I can't buy anymore items for the shop until I get all the ones I already have listed, and I've been going through major thrifting withdrawl!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Sick Day

This morning I went in to work, dropped off some cement, and then immediately returned home and spent the rest of the day in bed. A cold or sinusy something is really getting me down, however, I feel much better now after spending all day in bed. I even managed to get myself out of bed for long enough to grab dinner with a friend. Here is what I wore, and what I wish I wore.

What I wish I wore:
Dress: Liz Claiborne @ Ross (originally: $109, Ross price: $15- sweet deal!)
Cardigan: J.Crew
Sunglasses: Novelty store in Flagstaff, AZ
Shoes: Ettiene Aigner @ Marshalls
Clutch: Vintage, from my Mother's closet

I thought a little dress-up might brighten up my day! Plus, I wanted to try on my new dress and shoes that I got this week- which I love. I think this outfit will be perfect for my sister's college graduation this spring. However, the dress is about two sizes too big, so I'm either going to have to get it tailored or figure out how to do it myself. I just couldn't pass it up, I love the vintage inspired pattern.

What I actually wore:

Shirt: J.Crew factory outlet
Jacket: Gap outlet
Jeans: the Gap
Sunglasses: Novelty store in Flagstaff, AZ
Scarf: Gift from my sister from Ecuador
Shoes: Boutique in McKinney, TX

So, this is what I actually wore today when I briefly got out of bed to get dinner with a friend. It still has the cheer-up factor, even though it isn't my awesome new dress. I can't wait until its dress weather all the time! Also, I got to wear my favorite kind of shoes: red. This is only the second time that I've worn these beauties.

For now, I'm settled into my roommate's heated leather recliner (how can something be both so tacky and so awesome?), have the first season of Sex and the City on the DVD player, and am planning to edit and upload my HUGE backlog of photos for Green Violet Vintage. Hopefully I have a bunch of new lovely items up soon!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Un-Road Trip

Well, I'm certainly doing a lot of re-blogging today, but this is just so cool that I have to pass it on. This guy is traversing the country using every mode of transportation BUT a car. How cool! I've always wanted to do the quintessential American road trip, but have been held up by the amount of resources I would use. Now, I'm not going to lie, I've traveled back and forth across this country a few times, but never just for fun. Maybe I can learn a few things while reading his blog and attempt a trip this summer, once Americorps is over and I can't find a job because no one is hiring right now.

Speaking of personal style...

I know this is all that anyone ever seems to be talking about anymore, but Michelle Obama does an amazing job of mixing eccentric and interesting pieces in with her professional wardrobe in a very admirable way. This is something I certainly haven't mastered yet, I always veer off that path and head right towards eccentric-ville. Check out what she wore this morning in London...

Photo from the Cut

Just look at those shoes- are they green? Amazing! And her hair is so gloriously big!