Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

So, I really do enjoying going to church. I enjoy the tradition of it all, the comfort it provides, and the lovely people that I always encounter. However, I really hate going to a new church by myself. The services always differ at little from church to church, I never know if I'm sitting in someone's pew, everyone else is there with families and friends and I'm all alone, and sometime people are incredibly snobby and unfriendly. Or, at least, thats my excuse for not having gone to church here in Asheville until this Sunday. But, I finally forced myself to go this morning under the threat of being seen as an Easter only type person next Sunday (which I'm sure I will be anyways) and it was quite nice! And here is what I wore...

Dress: New from Ross
Cardigan: the Gap
Scarf: A gift from my sister from Ecuador (I think I wear this too much, but I love it and it spices up any dull outfit!)
Shoes: Chinese Laundry @ Ross
Purse: Boutique in Flagstaff, AZ

I really enjoyed this outfit this morning. A dress, cardigan, and flats are my old standbys and they never fail me. Being Palm Sunday and all, I didn't want to look TOO cheerful, but it was such a lovely morning that it was hard not to. And, I got to wear my new dress and I busted back out my summer purse. I'm a firm believer in seasonally appropriate clothing (as in, no white before Easter) but I allowed myself to start carrying this purse this week and I'm anticipating all the lovely springy things I'll get to start wearing again a week from today!

Also, I got a bunch of new things up in the vintage shop yesterday, and I'm hoping to get a few more up by the end of the day. I've told myself I can't buy anymore items for the shop until I get all the ones I already have listed, and I've been going through major thrifting withdrawl!

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