Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I finally broke my thrift store fast last night! I hadpromised myself that I wouldn't buy any new things for Green Violet Vintage until I got everything I already had listed in the store. I (mostly) met this goal on Monday night, and even though I was still sniffly and sick last night, I couldn't resist the pull of the Goodwill Clearance store. Burrowing my way through bins and bins of clothing is my own personal cocaine, and I'm so grateful that I have found a way to put this addiction to good use and occasional profit!

Here are some goodies that ya'll will see in GVV once I get some time to photograph them.

Some plus sized fun...

Other goodies that don't fit me, so you won't get to see them modeled until I bribe my friends into having another photoshoot...

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