Thursday, October 6, 2011



Dress: Columbia
Tank: local boutique
Sweater: Woman Within
Shoes: Off the Beaten Track

I just started taking a photography class at the local branch of the University of New Mexico. I've been wanting to take a photography class for what feels like forever. I had some friends back in high school that went to a different school and they got to take an amazing class, complete with darkroom training. I was so jealous! The first time I tried to take a photo class was in college; however, I went to a tiny liberal arts college and no one but art majors ever managed to get in. After that, I have tried at various times to take a class, either while I was in grad school or at local community colleges, but it never worked out (mostly because I forgot to check the schedules until halfway through the semester). However, I think it must have been fate because this class is shaping up to be really inspirational. The instructor is a quite talented landscape photographer and we have already covered the basics like ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, and delved into some photoshop. Hopefully, my pictures will be improving around here soon! Especially if I can remember to head out to take pictures before it gets too dark!





DSC_0158 copy