Monday, April 27, 2009

Go ahead... make my Monday

Ok, so am I right or am I right? Monday sucks a big one. The weekend lulls you into a false sense of actually having control over your destiny, then BAM, Monday comes and you are back at work jumping through hoops whenever your boss lifts her little finger. In and effort combat the Mondays, I'm instituting "Make my Monday" here at the Green Violet. I'm going to list the top five things that I'm digging right now, things that put a spring in my step, things that make me smile a little inside, things that make my Monday just a little bit better.

So, without further ado, here is what is making my Monday this week (countdown style, I'm saving the best for last)...

5. Expanding my business a little. I just posted some vintage fabric at GVV, and there is more to come!

4. These veggie chip things that they have at rich people grocery stores. Seriously. MMMMMM.

3. Listening to the World Cafe on WNCW every night at 6. It never gets old and my love for David Dye only grows deeper.

2. The fact that my sister is graduating from college in two weeks. While this understandably freaks my shit out, it also means three days of vacation at my favorite place on earth, Sewanee.

1. This totally amazing old school record player and two speakers that I scored this weekend for free. FREE! See- volunteering (I prefer to call it forced labor) 9 hours of your time on a Saturday to help save the Earth actually pays off in more ways than just lack of sleep and growing animosity towards AmeriCorps! And, I even hooked up the speakers all by myself, sort of. I can only get one to work at a time. I seriously don't know how anyone survived when you had to hook up actual wires to every speaker in your house and you didn't even have a cell phone you could use to call product support! And, there probably wasn't even product support! It is yet to be determined if the record part actually works or not, as I don't actually have any records. I'm thinking my inaugural record purchase should be some Talking Heads. The radio sounds much better on this thing than my room mate's mini clock radio thing, though, so it was a great find regardless. I think I'm in love.

So, tell me, whats making your Monday?


  1. I got off work at noon..woohoo. Talked to my daughter..she lives on the other side of the state. Getting a new feature up in my blog a few minutes ago..Sitting listening to Old Time Radio Shows...Tomorrow morning it will revert back to it Sucks to be Me..back to work where someone will nail one of my feet to the ground and I will spin in circles...

  2. Its already Tuesday here....
    But whats making my Tuesday is I get to go home from work in 45 minutes.
    And I have spin class tonight.
    haha, sad.