Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Beach... Part Two

Tune in for the riveting Part One here!

Ok, so we made it to the ferry. Then we made it to the island. Then we hiked a mile to the beach. Good work. Once we got to the beach, it looked about like this:

Please note that there were only a handful of other people on the beach- far off in the distance! Awesome! Then, we hiked up and over the massive sand dune to our campsite, the view from the top looked about like this:

So we set up camp and swam in the lovely ocean! Then we trekked up to the bath house and pavilion for showers and to make dinner away from the sand. We learned about rip currents, which are apparently both dangerous and funny!

Then we took cheesy pictures of ourselves with the sunset. 'Cause thats what you do at the beach.

The we went to bed. Though we were warned by numerous signs that looked about like this:

I was still in total shock when a raccoon put its CLAWS ON MY FOOT in the middle of the night while trying to get to our food. Thus ended day 1. Day 2 was mostly uneventful, we swam, we battled the wind, we layed around in the sun, and.... oh yeah, we were caught in a thunderstorm. So we went and hung out in the pavilion with a bunch of very colorful rednecks.

We were sad and cold (as you can tell from the picture). Then Shawn's bikini bottoms got stolen, but thats another story all together. Then we did some illegal sleeping and I could tell you about it but then I would have to kill you, so lets just suffice to say that we got up super early, saw the sun rise, and captured this super cheesy moment while walking down the beach at 5:15 AM.

Then, we packed up camp, hiked back out to the marsh side of the island, and waited for the ferry. And, waited and waited and waited. And then I slept for an hour while waiting for the ferry. Then it came and we got on and then it spun in some circles and went back to the dock, because of course it was broken! So we waited for another ferry. We finally made it back to land, changed into some classy attire, and went to a little town nearby in search of some seafood. We found seafood, and we also found this in the bathroom:

I didn't realize it, but apparently the North Carolina coast is inhabited by parrots and palm trees. Too bad we didn't see any of those on the island! Then, to end this much too long and boring because it doesn't translate well to blogging story, we headed home! A good time was had by one and all, if you ever find yourself with a hankering for an unpopulated island, a run-in with a raccoon, or three days of sand in parts of your body where the sun don't shine, be sure to check out Bear Island!

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  1. Oh dear, you manage to make your misadventures sound so funny!
    I love the cheesy 5am beach photo, it's beautiful.