Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Beach: Part One

Estrogen Tour '09: The Recap

Bright and early last Thursday morning, Wren, Shawn and I took off on an adventure.

Wren drove. And, ate chicken salad in the car. Which, in the interest of photodocumenting every second of the trip, I took a picture of.

We saw a lot of military stuff, because apparently thats what happens on the east coast of NC.

Eventually we saw some water. It was exciting because we had been in the car for 7 hours. Sadly, it was just the marsh.

Thats OK though, because we had made it to our destination! Hammocks Beach State Park!

We packed up our backpacks and our cooler and boarded the ferry, which would take us to Bear Island! Please note that Shawn and Wren chose to dress as matching soccer moms for our trip. Good work, ladies.

More later, I must go enjoy some hiking and swimming on this our day of American Independence! Happy 4th to you all! Whether you live in the U.S or not, be sure to eat some hotdogs and shoot off some fireworks, because that is obviously the American way.

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