Thursday, October 29, 2009

To keep... or not to keep...

That is the question! Here is the story of this dress. I was at Goodwill. I had gathered up all the worthy vintage goodies in the store and was heading to check out. I walked past the "put your clothes here after you tried them on rack" and this dress was hanging there. It was Mexican. It was hand embroidered with a crazy amount of detail. It was teal and white. Without further thought, I scooped it up and bought it immediately. I just knew it was perfect, but I was intending to sell it. So, I brought it home, hemmed it to above the knee, and made a belt out of the extra fabric. Then I thought to myself, this will sell much better if I model it. And, thats where I made my fatal mistake! The proof is here:


And now I find myself at the crossroads. Help me out here lovely bloggettes! To keep... or not to keep?


  1. Maybe don't list it with this batch, then next time see if you still love it as much?
    It is very cute...

  2. oooh it is darling on you!

    keep it!

    or maybe wear it a few times, then sell it! :D

  3. Oh I think it's so cute on you, I would keep it ;) I'm not helping huh?

  4. keep it! I may not be a good influence...

  5. I say keep it! What a gorgeous color :D

  6. Oh it is cute. I think you should keep it a little while longer to mull it over. You could always post it later.