Friday, October 16, 2009

10.16.09: Accessories Challenge Day 3

Coat: Target, vintage buttons added by me
Scarf: Ross
Jeans: Gap Clearance Center
Shoes: Ugg Moccasins
Bangles: Boutique
Dog: Petey!

Ok, yes, I skipped day 2. I only went to the gym and really, that's not exactly the best place to accessorize. I promise to wear two outfits tomorrow (and one of them is going to be for a Talledega/NASCAR/Redneck themed party, so it should be pretty exciting). Today I wore this to go to the dog park, goodwill, and grocery store. I'll tell you what, its pretty hard for me to accessorize to go to those places, but I made myself do it. Sonce it was frigid here today, I stayed in my outerwear while running errands so I accessorized that. I wore one of my favorite scarves (I love the colors!) and some of my favorite matching glass bangles. The set came with a white bangle too, but it is mysteriously significantly smaller than the other three and it makes me feel like my hand is breaking when I take it off, so now I just don't wear it. Strange, huh? Anyways, I brought my favorite accessory with me: Petey!!

The leaves were just beginning to get lovely today. This is the park that I get to visit most everyday to walk Petey and get some fresh air. Aren't I lucky?

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  1. Cute! I love the scarf and super cute coat. Extra points for accessorizing with your dog!