Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Sweater: I don't know. Seriously. I found it at my last house when I was moving out and no one claimed it so its MINE!
Belt: Thrifted
Jeans: Thrifted
Tank: Not sure?
Shoes: Fav. moccasins from 9West outlet
Neclace: Beads purchased by my mom from an artist in Sedona, AZ, "made" (I'll use that term loosely, I put them on a cord) by me

It was a lovely day for a dog walk in the park! I would like to note that while the fall colors are starting to look quite lovely from afar, up close and personal the only leaves that have changed are those of the poison ivy! Not quite so lovely.

I was trying to pull off the belted cardigan look but I'm not sure I quite managed it. I think that rather than accentuating my waist, the thick, lighter-colored belt over the darker cardigan kinda screams "look, I don't have a waist but I'm trying to pretend that I do". Or maybe I'm just paranoid. Either way, lesson learned. Belting over ANYTHING takes the right kind of belt and a bit of finesse! Oh, and please note the necklace that I kinda-sorta made. Not only did I just throw the beads on the cord the second my mom gave them to me, but I was too lazy to get an actual clasp for it so I just tie it on. Then it unties itself and slides off my neck. Then I restring it in a different way and probably loose a bead or two along the way. Its like the magical changing necklace! Perhaps I'm onto something here...

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  1. I like the belted cardigan. I definitely think it adds some waist definition and makes you legs look longer = win win!
    And love the colours of the necklace!