Thursday, October 1, 2009


Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: DIY from a pair of Old Navy Jeans
Shoes (which I am apparently obsessed with): 9 West Outlet
Sunglasses: Target
Bag: Espe

I think I made a better effort at fall clothing today, and I also took some detail photos! I was just running to the Post Office, grocery store, and dog park, and I almost just threw on some jeans and a ratty t-shirt, but I'm glad I put forth a bit of effort. I think its 'cause I caught Stacy and Clinton on TLC today at noon and they are always making fun of people wearing gross clothes to the grocery store. Maybe it's just because I'm secretly obsessed with What Not to Wear now that we have cable, but I'm always worried about some camera crew secretly filming me. Not much else to say about this outfit, but I think I'm on my way to a more fashionable fall!


  1. I love the print shirt + denim skirt + blue bag combo. so stylish that if I saw you at the grocery store I'd totally stop you and tell you I liked the outfit :)

  2. That bag is incredibly adorable!