Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10.27.09 and a Few of my Favorite New Things


Shirt: vintage, new from Etsy
Pants: Newish from Old Navy via Gap Outlet in KY
Shoes: Ugg Moccasins
Basket: Vintage, thrifted today

I'm loving all of my favorite new things. I just got this shirt from a fellow Etsy seller, Glam Town Vintage, and I love it dearly already. Its so incredibly kitchy! These jeans I got a few weeks ago from my favorite clearance center (I love it even more than the J.Crew one) in northern Kentucky. Its the Gap clearance center, which means it has stuff from Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and some upscale store that they have NYC. I have been shopping there since high school, when I lived in Cincinnati, and made a detour there a few weekends ago because no trip to the area is complete without a stop at the Gap clearance center! I think I'm the clearance center queen- if you haven't stopped at one you should, any town large enough to have distribution centers probably has one, and outlets can't even compare for low prices and selection!

I found this basket today at Goodwill! It's obviously a picnic basket but I have plans to use it for all sorts of fun things. I have been wanting one of these for the longest time!

I thrifted these shoes last week. I always told everyone that claimed that heels could be comfortable that they were full of crap, but I take that back now! These heels are awesome! I guess you just have to find the combination of width (this is a big factor for me) and heel height that is right for you.

My mom sent me this lovely necklace the other day! I can't wait to finish out my accessories challenge with it. I've got something planned for it tomorrow, I hope it comes out well!


  1. I LOVE that top! It's so adorable!!

  2. that top is adorable, especially with the basket :) love the outfit, and your new treasures! so fun!

  3. wow! you have had a streak of good luck, i love your top, i have been looking for one just like it!I agree about the heels, i too have wide feet, and it takes me ages to find a pair of heels that i can bear to wear....love the basket too :-)

  4. Um... that basket is fantastic! Basket/ purse...whatever. The point is that it's big enough to hold a lunch, lipgloss, a big-ass book and more and it's still super chic.

  5. Ahh absolutely love this outfit! What a gorgeous top :)!