Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Dress: Recently thrifted, I'm going to keep this one for a little while!
Scarf: Gift from my sister from Ecuador
Bag: free from a 'free store
Shoes: Crocs

I was super excited about this dress when I found it at the thrift store, I was planning on keeping it for a while but after wearing it yesterday I'm not so certain. I really love it, but the crew neckline doesn't look so good on me. So I guess my options are to alter it or sell it. A basic black dress with sleeves will be hard to pass up though, its probably one of those things that most people consider essential to any wardrobe! What do ya'll think?

Today I launched Rat War '09. A sneaky little bugger moved into our house on Sunday night, but we weren't certain about what was making all the noise in the kitchen until I saw him last night. He is HUGE. Today the exterminator came but he didn't get it out, so I spent most of the afternoon trapping it behind the fridge and then trying entice it out with dog food. I didn't have any luck and now we are having a bunch of important people from the hospital where my roommate works over for dinner. I hope that rat doesn't make a surprise appearance!! Photos to come soon, I just had to photo document Rat Wars!


  1. I love how you've hung the bracelets in the detailed shot! Very cute.

    I am voting a YES for keeping the dress, but can't make a completely educated opinion since your neck is hiding beneath the scarf! The only caveat to my YES is if you really would feel uncomfortable wearing the dress again. If so, sell it!

  2. Oh my gosh, the owl bracelet is cuteness overload!

  3. It sounds like you WANT To love it and if the neckline is bothering you, take it to the tailor, see if they can make it a boatneck or vneck.

    If not, sell it. I would totally buy it in a heartbeat. :)