Wednesday, November 4, 2009




Cardigan: Free from a swap (J.Crew)
Dress: ?? Some sort of mallish store
Dyed Vintage Slip: Etsy seller
Leggings: also ???
Boots: Groundhog Shoes

Is it seriously already November? I'm not sure if I should be excited or depressed about that! Well, here I am showing my true fall colors. I am becoming totally obsessed with my boots, and for good reason: they are awesome! They are totally comfortable, haven't done so much as give me a blister yet, and allow me to wearing leggings without feeling like a 13 year old. What more could a girl want?

Sorry for the unexpected blogging break; my aunt passed away last week and so I made a trip to Georgia. It was a bit of a rough time. I figured I would ease back into the blogosphere with an outfit post; but full halloween, fall scenery, and Barbara Kingsolver (!!!) updates are coming soon.


  1. I really like your boots, especially the button detail:-)
    So sorry to hear about your Aunt:-(

  2. I'm so sorry about your loss, Megan. Sounds rough, and my heart goes out to you!

    Your boots are awesome! I love the buttons, and comfort + cuteness = perfect in my book :)

    Also, thanks for mentioning that academichic featured my blog! I had NO idea until I saw your comment, and it was such a delightful surprise.

  3. Oh, so sorry about you aunt.

    The boots do look fab!