Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How cool....

is this furniture made out of cardboard? DIY project anyone? I'm always looking for more ways to reuse my trash, which is much better for the environment than just recycling it because recycling takes so much energy (though it's obviously better than just throwing it away). I've gotten to the point where I almost refuse to throw anything away that could possibly be reused, resulting in an entire cabinet full of jars and yogurt containers for tupperware, a huge box full of scrap fabric, various broken ceramic items (I'm saving up for a mosaic), and other random objects stashed all over the house. I also hate to buy un-used clothes (hence my obsession with the thrift store), just think of all the energy used to manufacture and transport them! I think this obsession has gotten unhealthy, and I know it is driving my roommate crazy, but maybe it is at least helping the earth a tiny bit. Anyways, the Tree Hugger Blog always has great suggestions, and I love having it in my Google Reader so that I can get environmental tips all day.

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  1. I bought a childs chair years ago made out of Cardboard. It was so sturdy and my daughter just loved it.