Friday, February 20, 2009

Embrace Your Inner Hippie

According to this article in the Tree Hugger Blog, most people don't make lasting changes towards living a greener life just for the sake of saving the planet. Instead, "...researchers argue that getting people to focus on the positive human qualities that living sustainably highlight - love, sharing, caring for others - will get more people interested in living sustainably." I completely agree, I think that being more green has to be accomplished through a major lifestyle changes and done out of love rather than just to avoid the doom and gloom of environmental destruction. It's kind of like the difference between eating healthy to improve your quality of life rather than eating healthy to avoid the possible threat of cancer or heart disease later in life. So, embrace your innner hippie- and the environment!

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  1. That makes so much sense now that it's mentioned!
    <3 your blog!