Thursday, August 4, 2011



Dress: Boutique in Santa Fe
Sweater: Columbia Sportswear
Shoes: Nine West
Sunglasses: Oakley via

Ya'll, I seriously can't stop with the neutrals! What's wrong with me? A simple click through my archives will quickly prove that I'm not typically a neutrals kind of gal. Maybe I'm getting more boring in my old age? Although I'm currently loving beige and white, I think (both you and) I might get a bit bored, so let's hope it's a passing phase! I promise to punch it up next post with some bold colors.

I thought the (non-) colors in this outfit would look perfect with some aspen trees, so I had to seek some out for these photos. I love their white bark and the beautiful color and shape of their leaves. I think they are my favorite tree (though I am also partial to maples), which is perfect, because this is definitely becoming one of my favorite dresses. I'm hoping to take better advantage of the beautiful surroundings that I get to enjoy every day here in northern New Mexico and share them with ya'll in my outfit photos. Check back tomorrow for some of the best scenery I've posed with yet, including a rainbow!






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