Tuesday, August 9, 2011



Dress: Ross
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Birkenstock

One of my co-workers got married a couple of weeks (ok, maybe months at this point) ago. I actually had my whole outfit planned out weeks in advance because I have to take advantage of every opportunity I get to dress up here in the extremely casually and outdoors-ily styled northern New Mexico. Mind you, I was still planning to be over dressed, but its all relative, right? There was just one problem, I didn't have a pair of shoes that I thought would work. This was obviously before the purchase of these babies, which are clearly perfect for every occasion. See, further justification for their purchase! But, I digress.

I was running some errands in Santa Fe (the closest city of any consequence) and decided I would just pop into Ross and see if they had any deals on shoes. Well, I should know myself well enough by now to know that I can't ever just pop into Ross to look at shoes. A visit to Ross that does not include a full perusal of the dress section would practically be criminal! Well, I emerged at least an hour (if not two) later, with this dress, another dress, and a pair of shoes. Because this dress was so shiny and new, I just had to wear it to the wedding, eschewing the previously plotted outfit! Fortunately, another co-worker is getting married in a few weeks, so that outfit should get its time in the sun!

I didn't manage to snap any photos of this dress at the wedding, so I set out on Monday to re-photograph the dress. I swapped out my shoes for something a bit more practical for rambling about in the woods, and I like how much more casual it made the outfit. Now, instead of considering these re-photos, I'm going to consider them pre-photos. I must wear this again as soon as humanly possible (which means sometime I am not going to work, as I just don't think I can convince anyone that this insane print is office appropriate).











  1. That is such a special dress! Glad you're back blogging too.

  2. what a gorgeous dress! that print with those colors is just fabulous on you :) and ya know... maybe in the fall when you can later tights and boots and stuff... the dress could work for work, no?

    regardless you look great, and wow look at that scenery! xoxo

  3. I'm in love with the colours and prints on that dress.

  4. pretty dress!! (: