Tuesday, August 2, 2011

07.28.11: In which I succumb to a few blogger trends...


Shirt: Old Navy
Cardigan: Old Navy
Jeans: Woman Within
Shoes: Kork-Ease
Bag: Gift from sister
Necklace: Vintage Egyptian Faience Beads, Gift (restrung by me)

Ring: Made, Jackson Hole, WY

Last Friday I wore an outfit that proves that I am not as immune as I'd like to think to the influence of the blogosphere. As spring progressed and the weedy, dry, grasses of New Mexico grew, so did my desire (nay, need) for a pair of vintage inspired wedges. Flats and flip flops would simply not do this summer, as they had in many summers past (27, to be exact). On this, the summer of my 28th year, I would buy myself a real pair of grown up sandals. It seemed that every time I opened up my laptop, I would be inexplicably drawn to ebay or zappos, searching for the perfect (on sale) pair of sandals. And, though it broke my little deal loving heart just a tiny bit, in the end I settled on this pair and paid full price. However, I love them and have justified the purchase by telling myself that this style has been made and worn by fashionable ladies for 50 years, so surely I will be able to get 50 years of use out of them. Right? 'Cause a neutral-colored, cork wedge never goes of of style? Right? And to go with my new shoes, I just had to buy a pair of skinny jeans. And, that's the end of my story about how I succumbed to the evil (genius?) influence of the rest of the personal style blogosphere.







  1. you are rocking the crap outta those sandals, my dear! nice to see a post from you always :) and now you've cemented my desire for my own pair of kork-eases... in beige of course. I love getting inspired by bloggers!

    PS Digging the entire ensemble... not to mention that ridiculously majestic background!

  2. love that necklace! and thanks for following me!