Monday, July 18, 2011



Skirt: REI
Shirt: Gap (ancient)
Cardigan: Ross (?)
Shoes: Target ($5!!)

So, my office is super casual, as you could have probably guessed from this all knit/jersey outfit. However, what might surprise you is that my office is SO casual that an outfit such as this (as in, one in which I am not wearing jeans) still garners comments such as "why are you so dressed up?". Yes, that's right, welcome to New Mexico, also known as the the land where people are confused if you aren't wearing pants. Ok, so maybe that also has something to do with working in the environmental consulting field, but sometimes I just want to look like a girl!

Please feel free to admire three of my current obsessions, found below. The first is my new bag, which was a gift from my sister. She recently returned from a two year stint in Nicaragua and brought me this lovely bag as a (much belated) birthday gift.


The second is my new $5 pair of shoes. While trying to escape the heat and smoke (from all the wildfires in the state), I took an ill-founded trip to Target in search of some air conditioning. I did manage to enjoy the AC, but only just barely, as I was distracted by all the pretty colors and amazing prices. When the closest Target is an hour away, it suddenly transforms from "ugly big box store" into an exciting wonderland!


Ok, I am seriously in love with my third obsession. I purchased this bracelet on a recent trip to visit a friend in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (photos forthcoming). She took me to this store called MADE, which was seriously amazing. Just imagine walking into a store featuring items from all of your favorite Etsy sellers. Yes, it was that good. Anyways, the note that came with this bracelet said that it was made from a 1920's era spoon.


P.S. I missed ya'll, promise I am still reading everyone's blogs. I just need to get better at commenting!



  1. Cool shoes and cool bracelet! No wonder you are in love with them :)

    I'm in the environmental consulting field too!


  2. Just keep wearing skirts and eventually the comments will stop! There is no reason why you shouldn't look as pretty and feminine as you want!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Oh gosh that bag is droolworthy; what deep, rich yummy colours!

    Also, yes, what LyddieGal said. One of my BFFs suffers with the same thing. Nobody ever dresses smartly or interestingly in her office and she has a wardobe full of beautiful, (mostly thrifted), ultra femmey frocks and skirts. She decided she might as well be the One Who Always Dresses Up. The most galling thing is no one ever comments on how nice she looks. (This could be age related as she's in her late 40s, but she always looks fab).

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments, all. Buttercup, I am clearly tumblr illiterate- why can't I figure out how to leave comments on your lovely posts? gah!

  5. I get the "why are you so dressed up?" question semi-frequently too. Most of the time I simply answer "why not"? I love to dress up! Oh, and I was totally coveting those shoes in Target. Sadly they were sold out of my size. I love the coral color.