Tuesday, August 23, 2011



Shirt: Free People (new!)
Cardigan: Banana Republic (gift)
Jeans: Woman Within
Shoes: Off the Beaten Track

Sorry for that little break I took from blogging! Just when I was getting back into the swing of things, I headed off on a few long-weekend vacations. All that traveling pretty much rendered me totally incapable of looking cute or taking photos. Never fear, there aren't any other vacations on the horizon and I did manage to go on a bit of a shopping spree while visiting my parents, so expect to see some exciting new items around here! Actually, who am I kidding? Even my old stuff counts as new if I haven't blogged it yet, right?

So, I hope ya'll like my new shirt! The ruffles and trim at the bottom hem seemed a little girly for my taste, but the high quality and the 50% off price tag meant that I just couldn't pass this one up. Maybe it will help me push my style boundaries? What do you think, any styling suggestions that don't involve my old standby of a cardigan?















  1. Okay, that top is just lovely. Being a lover of frilliness myself, I just adore the print and the pleats and the ruffled hem. Swooning!

    Hmmm other ways I'd style it... you could kinda exaggerate the skirt part by creating a sort of peplum effect by belting it (my belt addiction rears it's gorgeous head!) over skinny jeans like this or even a pencily type skirt? OR tuck it into a skirt and add a belt! Love how you've styled it up here by the way.

    And those shoes. I love them. Look like they're great at staying on your feet (I have problems with ballet flats sometimes because of this) and are also cute.

    Speaking of shoes... I scored an identical pair of your kork eases recently! Haven't had a chance to wear them yet (too freaking cold), but can't wait :) You totally inspired me my dear! I hate to gloat, but girl! I got 'em for $23! They have a little pen stain on one of the straps, but whatever. Not too noticeable. Can't wait to show ya!

  2. i personally am of the cardigan persuasion...could always try a different sleeve length or croppish cardy? I adore your top and shoes. So cute.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, ladies! Teeny, you are totally on point with the need for a cropped cardi here. And Chelsea, I like the belt idea. which reminds me, I need to find a skinny belt. Also, these shoes are the most comfortable ever, if you are looking for new flats, I highly recommend them! I've decided that the time in my life in which i am allowed to buy crappy shoes is past and that I have to start treating my feet with some respect!

  4. That's such a pretty shirt, I love Free People and Free People on sale is even better! Do you have a longer, unstructured cardigan, maybe with an uneven hem? Or you could try the shirt over a dress? Free People does stuff like that all the time.

  5. I adore your style!
    PS. Giveaway! Enter! If you want!