Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12.12.09: The Anatomy of a Concert Outfit


12.12.09 coat

New Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Scarf: Gift from my sister from Ecuador
Leggings: Vera Wang for Kohl's
Shoes: Dansko
Coat: Target, vintage buttons opened by me
Clutch: Vintage, it was my moms

Last Saturday, I went to the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam, which is billed as an all night concert featuring bands like the Counting Crows, Ani DiFranco, Government Mule and many others. I wasn't planning on staying all night, but you never know what might happen so I put a lot of thought into getting dressed. Comfortable shoes for standing (the most important factor)? check. Light, cotton layers because it will be hot inside? check. Scarf that can be used as a wrap in case it gets chilly? check. Warm coat for waiting in line that can be easily stashed somewhere? check. Small, easy to carry bag with only the essentials? check.

Well, the concert was ok, but it only reconfirmed that I'm really not that into shows of that magnitude that feature a bunch of acts I don't really like. I had better stick to small bars, bluegrass music, and the local pop scene in the future. The mass-market music industry is so over-rated. However, Ani was amazing and I hadn't seen her before, so it was totally worth it!

I tried to take some detail shot for ya'll, but here is what I got:


Squinty eyes. Then, I tried to open my eyes, and this happened:

My eyes aren't any more open, but my mouth sure is! I'm worried I'm turning into my father, this is exactly how he looks in our annual Christmas photo. Mouth open, pained expression, closed eyes!


  1. Love your little jacket with the cute buttons. Sometimes I just give up and refuse to look at the camera.

  2. Oh gosh I have so many photos that I reject just because of what my face is doing!
    I love those long leggings and kind of want a pair for myself.

  3. You really planned well...and looked super cute. I'd love to see Ani DiFranco in concert.

  4. That coat looks awesome with the buttons you put on it! What a nice way to spruce it up.

  5. great outfit (I'm still in love with that coat!), and I love the detail face shots :) My secret to opening my eyes in close ups is to look up and away from the camera.