Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dress Form!

My new (old) dress form is finally here! Yay! I'm so excited. I waited ALL DAY for FEX EX to deliver her- seriously, she didn't get here until about 6 PM. I was worried they had forgotten all about her. She came in this HUGE box. Isn't my mom just the best for shipping this monstrosity to me?


Here she is, in all her glory!

And, here is is modeling her new favorite dress:

I know that I could have gotten a cheaper, new mannequin for a bit less on Ebay (the kind with the gold top that all the other Etsy sellers use), but I thought that something vintage would be more fun and more unique! Plus, she is adjustable so I can use her for sewing projects, too. I envirion much more upcycling happening in the near future.

I have tentatively named her Millicent, Millie for short. Do any of you lovely readers have any name suggestions? The more, the better (I like really ridiculously long southern names)!

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