Monday, August 3, 2009


Whoops, sorry I went MIA there for a bit. I think I forgot to mention that I was going to a wedding last weekend! It was totally and utterly amazing, every bit of it and I had the best time EVER! Words can't do it justice, so here are a few pictures!

First off, there was this amazing trolley that delivered us drunkely to every location. Apparently, the open container law doesn't apply to trolleys. Clearly, this was a key ingredient in the recipe of success (disaster?) for last weekend.

First, the trolley delivered us to a farm league baseball game. We hung out in two 2nd floor boxes with a full open bar, delicious food, and an amazing view.

I think you can see proof of the open bar in this photo.

And again in this one. This is also proof of the awesome free merchandise we received from the merchandise store. Can you even believe that hulk hand/coozie?

Then there were fireworks. We also sang "take me out the ball game" on the big screen during the 7th inning stretch, but I forgot to photo document that. Thus ended day one.

Saturday morning we went to Lake Erie. It was lovely.

We lazed around in the sun and recovered from the evening before. Also, it was Shawn's Bday. Happy birthday again, Shawn!!

Can you believe it? All this fun and the wedding hadn't even happened yet!

Here is where the lovely ceremony was held, on the campus of Case Western Reserve University.

Both the church and the flowers were breathtaking! However, they weren't as amazing as this...

Even the bathroom was awesome. Apparently this was an Opera House and is currently the home of a symphony.

It was so amazing that Wren turned into a vampire. Love you, Wren!

The first dance! Congrats Ellen and Jason, I'm so happy for ya'll!! This was followed by three hours of booty shaking.

Then, we rode the trolley back to the hotel. The end. Ok, obviously that wasn't actually the end but that was the end of blog-appropriate activities and Glen LaCampeur (my camera) had to go to bed!

Excuse the poor res photos, apparently I have exceeded bloggers limits of awesomeness (or megapixels). We'll be back to the regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow! Also, I wanted to let my readers be the first to know that I'm going to be throwing a lot of time into Green Violet Vintage this week, so expect 2-3 new things to be posted in the shop everyday! I'll try to post little previews here for ya'll, I thrifted about 5 plus size dresses last week so keep your eyes peeled! I was going to show ya'll the one I listed earlier today, but it already sold! Actually, I think I'll show you anyways because I love it so much. Here is the one that got away:


  1. What a beautiful setting for the wedding!

  2. :O Are you an Ohioan!? Because you were like a hop skip and away at Case Western! Especially the one at the beach, I swear it looks like this spot that is right down the street from my house. I live right near the lake in a suburb of Cleveland called Mentor. Did anyone happen to call it "the T's"? Or maybe it's at Headland's beach...? I'm so curious!

    Man oh man, if you are, we should totally have a little twin meet up someday :D!

  3. I AM an ohioan, but I havent lived there in almost 10 years! In Cincinnati, too, so nowhere close to Cleveland. This wedding was actually for some people I went to college with in TN, the bride was from Cleveland. We were at some state park downtown- Edgewater State Park maybe? Anyways, Cleveland was awesome and all of us southerners were much more impressed than we expected to be!

  4. Oh okay, I haven't been to Cincinnati yet! Aw I'm so glad you had a good time, I don't think I've been to that park but it looks lovely :)! Anyhow if you're ever in Cleveland again drop me a line dear :D!

  5. That looks like an all-time fun wedding. And I have such a hankering for a lakeside stay. I may have to get up to Tahoe soon.