Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A little DIY project

Yesterday while I was thrifting, I came upon this unfortunate piece of furniture. It wasn't much of a looker, but it did seem to be well constructed, it was made of actual wood, I did need a bedside table, and it was only $8, so I bought it.

I decided I would try to make it look a little nicer but I didn't have much of a plan. So I started sanding.

After doing a half-assed job of sanding, I assessed the paint and stain options I had lying around the house. It was looking like white or red were my only options. Because I used the red on a dresser thats in my room, I decided it would be a bit too much if I used it on this table also, so I settled on the white. Except I decided I wanted to 'whitewash' it. Except that I have no earthly clue how to whitewash and my only knowledge of whitewashing is from Tom Sawyer (or is it Huck Finn?). I figured I would just mix some white paint with some water and see what happened.

As you can see, attempt number 1 of whitewashing didn't go so well, so I adapted my technique. I got as much of the paint off the brush as possible and used a paper towel to wipe off any excess paint.

This is what it looked like after round 1 of painting. Better- but basically like I just did a crappy job of painting. So I decided to start sanding again, in hopes of giving it a more antique feel and making it look less like I just did a half-ass job of painting.

And you know what? I think it turned out alright and now it fits in with the rest of the really old furniture in my room.

I guess I accomplished antiquing, something that interior designers go to school for years and years to perfect (or maybe at least an afternoon class?). And you know what, mine was only 8 buck and it does a great job of holding all my books and my lamp next to my bed! Unemployment is fun!


  1. wow it looks great!
    I love how you just made it up as you went along.

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