Sunday, August 23, 2009

The best thing I've ever made!

Hands down, this is certainly the best thing I have ever made... here it is from start to finish!

The raw materials- four t-shirts I bought from the goodwill clearance center. I decided to go with an orange theme. I got one t-shirt that fit well on the top so that I wouldn't have to do too much fashioning of the bodice since I really don't know what I'm doing. That's the light orange on on the left.

Fashioning the bodice. This took a while since I'm kind of clueless about sewing and what not. I took it apart and put it back together several times.

Petey loves it when I sew because he gets to chew on the extra fabric. Petey is a machine of destruction!

I'm almost finished here, it was pretty easy to make the skirt. I just got as much material as possible out of the two remaining t-shirts, sewed them together in one big piece, and gathered the top! I then connected the skirt to the top with the waistband.

Finished product! yay! I'm really please with how this turned out!

You can see the contrast stitching that I did in teal- mostly because I didn't have any orange thread. But I like how it turned out.

This was a super fun project! I'm really glad that I could finally jump on the up-cycling bandwagon. Don't be intimidated by sewing- clearly I had no clue what I was doing and it turned out great. All it took was a little envisioning on the front end and a few attempts to get it right. Go on, try to make something!


  1. Wow this is so clever and it looks great!

  2. Nice work! I will have to give this a try some time!

  3. what a FABULOUS idea! you couldn't have picked a better color, the orange looks so unique and fresh. oh wow, i just wish i could make something like that someday :D awesome, awesome job!!

  4. I LOVE IT! What a fab idea and it looks great!

  5. Wow!I am so impressed that you stuck to your guns and got such a great dress in the end!

  6. i'm so impressed by how well fitted your dress looks without a pattern! did you use a dress form? i can't believe you eye-balled the whole thing!

  7. That is really cool.

  8. okay you are my new hero. I am so scared of sewing, but I so wanna do it! I just started reading your blog today, and your encouragement might just make me try it... maybe. love your blog... on my way to check out your etsy shop now :)