Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On Personal Style

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to wear crazy things (just ask some of my embarrassed friends). One of my mother's favorite stories to tell about my childhood affirms this point. Now, I was born in Chicago and grew up in Cincinnati, where midwestern practicality is the major driving force behind the (non) fashion scene of light wash jeans, hoodies, and tennis shoes. However, my mother's family is from northern Georgia and one year when we went to visit them I caught a glance of some pageant girls and immediately demanded that I have a dress equally frilly, lacy, and outrageous as theirs. So, my mother succumbed to my (I'm sure very insistent) demands and I came home with a royal blue pageant dress. Apparently I wore this dress to all sorts of inappropriate occasions, such as birthday parties and school pictures, shocking and appalling midwestern housewives all over the Windy City. Through high school, college, and grad school I was always toning down my inner crazy girl style because I was tired of hearing comments about how crazy my clothes were (after all, I'm supposed to be a super serious scientist), but now I'm ready to re-embrace my inner style child! So watch out, blogosphere!

I'm planning to (at least attempt) to do some style blogging, kind of like what you might see on What I Wore, Sea of Shoes, or Academichic (all these ladies provide some of my style inspiration). Now, I don't want ya'll to confuse this with fashion blogging, 'cause I'm not about to claim that anything I'm wearing is fashionable. I'm just claiming that I'm learning to love my inner crazy girl and I'm letting her out for long enough to pick out my outfits every now and again. Because of my serious scientist ways during the week (when I am always out playing in the mud and rain, or at least trying to convince people that I am a super serious scientist), this is likely to be strictly a weekend type of activity. Anyways, I hope ya'll enjoy and, at the very least, find yourself saying to yourself when you are getting dressed, "Well, at least this outfit isn't as crazy as what Megan wore last weekend!"

So... without further ado... what I wore last Saturday night (v1 and v2, I'm very indecisive)...

Shirt: Vintage, thrifted
Cardigans: Both gifts from my Mom, from the Gap
Belt: Gift from Mom
Skirt: Upcycled from a pair of Old Navy jeans
Shoes: Ross (Chinese Laundry)

Why: Every Saturday night here in Asheville, there is the most amazing late night '50s dance party at a local bar, The Admiral. Although I hate staying up late, I have to make an exception for this event. And, of course, I have to put on my party shirt! Excuse my picture taking skills and my hair, I'm working on both of them.

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