Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Further proving my point...

I searched the interwebs (i.e. facebook) for some 'what I wore' type photos after a search of my computer revealed that I have never previously taken photos of my outfits. And here is what I found...

Coffee table dancing with my friend CB after the Geology Banquet '09. I have to admit that he takes the style cake in this photo, I'm just proud to be on the same coffee table as him. Dress- Ross, Scarf- thrifted, Fav red shoes- Ross, Sketchy geologist friend- found somewhere on an outcrop.

Tree hugging at Sewanee homecoming, Fall '06. Dress- Anne Taylor Loft Outlet, Cardigan- Old Navy circa 2000, Flip flops- Teva, Sunglasses- probably Target, Tree- Carya ovata

Photo op at the sorority house (it's true), Sewanee homecoming '08. I love, love, love this dress and can't wait to wear it more now that it's spring! Dress- vintage, Cardigan- the Gap, Scarf- gift from my sister from Ecuador, Purse- Etsy, Friend- the lovely and talented Dr. Rickman.

Further proof that if it's a little crazy, I'll definitely be wearing it, and likely at an inappropriate time.


  1. I love your outfits and pictures. And aren't we all alittle out there sometimes..I go with my mood of the day.

  2. You've definitely got style.(I love the dress in the first photo!)