Monday, April 1, 2013

6 Month Sew-iversay!?! THE DRESSES

Hear ye!  Hear ye!
Its my six month sew-iversay! 
Is that thing? I don't care! Champagne and cake all around! 

Green Leaves 123112Blue Ballet Dress
gray pattern tiramisusweatshirt dress

Above, you can see the stuff that has already been blogged (like software, the V's refer to the version number). Below, you can see the other stuff. I'd say these photos pretty well illustrate the fact that I have grown a little... uninspired trying to back blog all the garments that I've made. I feel like I'm trying to play catch-up and it makes it hard to focus on the new stuff. Plus, some things just don't deserve a whole blog post, though I do want to keep a record of most everything I've made just so I can keep track of the evolution of my sewing through time. So, here is a major photo dump of things unblogged thus far: THE DRESSES

 floral ballet dresspolka dot ballet dress
Dixie DIY Ballet Dress V1 (muslin; now wearable for festivals!) // Dixie DIY Ballet Dress V2 (muslin; now wearable with shorter sleeves!)
self drafted everyday dress v1solid gray tiramisu
Self Drafted Everyday Dress V1 // Tiramisu V2
basic tank dress v2 
Basic Tank Dress V2

I had a major photo session this weekend (lots of wine and some quality time with the self timer on my camera) and I think I've got everything photographed that  I've made up until the six month point. Today, the dresses. Tomorrow, the rest of it. I did full photo sets for all of the garments so some (if not all) will get their own blog posts at some point. Let me know if you would like to hear the details on anything specifically, otherwise I suppose I'll just choose at random. I'd also like to make sort of a "projects" page that would have a thumbnail photo of each garment and a link to that garments full write up. This would be mostly for my reference, but might be useful for others as well. Anyone have any clue how to do that in blogger?

And for the SIX month grand tally:
29 finished objects for ME
3 finished objects for OTHERS  

I'm only counting the wearable stuff here, there have been a few wadders. And trust me, the wearable stuff gets worn most days.  I'm quite pleased with that fact, since I started sewing so that I could create the garments that I've always looked for in stores but have never been able to find. For example, jersey knit dresses with sleeves? Now I have seven (seven? wow!)!
Also, don't forget to drink your champagne! Bottoms up, ladies. 



  1. Wow - you have got quite a great collection. And 32 items in 6 months. Fantastic. I think I did 6 items in my first year.

  2. Congratulations -- cheers! I can't believe you've only been sewing for six months -- your fearlessness has skyrocketed your skills beyond many sewists with far more experience. I look forward to hearing about them all actually, but would selfishly love to hear more about the Tiramisu, because I'm about to tackle that one. I've said it "out loud," now I hafta! :D

    1. Thanks, susan! I was thinking the Tiramisu should be my next full post anyways since its a good followup from my fist post about that pattern. I made some more changes on this version and I'm much happier with the fit- though its not perfect yet!

  3. Twenty-nine lovely garments in six months? Well, I feel utterly lazy by comparison! Your dresses are getting me inspired for spring/summer sewing. Here's to another set of 30 lovely garments in the next six months.

  4. You are amazing. These dresses look wonderful! I think the Dixie DIY Ballet Dress is my favorite so far :)

  5. You've got a great wardrobe! Isn't it so satisfying to be able to make, with your very own hands, the clothes you actually want? Love it :-)