Saturday, January 9, 2010




Dress: Vintage, thrifted
Cardigan: Christmas gift from mom
Belt: Vintage, free
Leggings: Vera Wang for Kohl's
Boots: Groundhog shoes
Purse: Was a gift, bought from an Etsy seller but now I can't find her shop!
Scarf: New! from Analogue People

Can ya'll forgive me for wearing the same dress two outfits in a row? When I wore it on Tuesday, I only went to the store and to run some errands. I didn't see anyone I know in real life and I didn't feel like I really got to show off my dress, so I put it back on last night but made and effort to remix it for ya'll to make things a little bit more interesting! Of course, I kind of fell back into my safe space of wearing a cardigan and my boots. Oh, well, its warm and cozy and freezing here so I'll forgive myself! Plus, I got to show off a few of my favorite etsy accessories!

Oh, and P.S.- Thanks for all your super sweet comments on my last post! It really means a lot to me that ya'll like my photos!


  1. Orange and purple look great together! I don't mind seeing the dress again, it is super cute and looks great on you!
    Love the scarf too.

  2. I do that sometimes when I really love a dress and feel great in an outfit. You look fabulous, so why not? I love the belt, dress and cardigan together and that Etsy bag is really adorable too.

  3. I don't blame you for wearing an outfit twice! that dress is great!
    And yes, my boyfriend is a photographer :) I really oughta' do a post about him and some of his tips! Thank you for the idea

  4. I didn't even recall that this was the same dress because you transformed it with this remix! The yellow belt and contrasting purple cardigan look just wonderful, and highlight the orange color so well! you look beautiful in color, megan!