Sunday, January 31, 2010

I've Arrived!

I finally made it to New Mexico! After a few days of recovery and insane moving things, I've managed to find a new place to live and am starting my job on Monday! Yay! I took a photo an hour (during the daylight hours) on my drive and made a fun little movie. In case you were wondering, here is what almost all of I-40 (the central east-west highway in the U.S.) looks like from a moving vehicle:

More fun New Mexico photos coming soon!



  1. Oh, what a cool idea Megan! Can't wait for more on your big adventure.

  2. Very cool little movie! I was getting worried for you there on those last few flat desert pics, but your destination sure was pretty!

  3. Aww this is so cute!
    But that does look like the most boring drive in the world, straight road, more straight road!
    hope you are settling in ok.

  4. Hope you are getting nice and settled! :)