Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Help me, Internets!

Ok, so I've been invited to a super fancy black-tie optional wedding this summer. Although I have a few more black-tie optional outfits in my closet than you probably expect), I've already worn most of them to an event with the same group of people that will be at this wedding. Not one to be wasteful (especially with something I spent over $200 on), I'm hoping to up-cycle this bridesmaid dress that's been sitting in my closet for 2 years since my lovely friend Elizabeth's wedding. I just hate to only use something once, but this is in a color that kind of screams "bridesmaid" at you loud and clearly so I haven't had a chance to reuse it in its current state. The obvious solution- alter it! I'm not genius at altering or embellishing and creativity isn't my strongest suit, so I'm hoping some of ya'll can help me out with suggestions. I'm super pumped about this eco-friendly black-tie project. Those don't come along too often!

As you can see, the color probably needs to be changed. But how well will overdying work for something like this? What would my color options be? Does anyone have an experience with that? The dress is floor length so I think I'll hem it to around knee length. Maybe the neckline could also be altered? Also, I would like to dress it up and make it a little unique with some sort of embellishment. Any suggestions?


  1. I'd definitely agree to hemming it.
    Perhaps you could add straps to it. I think it would look cute with little pearl ones.
    I love the colour, I'd far too scared to die it (but I've never attempted to die anything before!)
    Good luck!

  2. Hi!I would hem it too, at least knee length. I'm almost 100% sure you won't be able to dye the fabric, or if you did it would be a disater...
    What about vintage lace at the bust line, or a wee vintage/silver lace capelet thing worn over
    the top, or actully sewn on the dress? Or a chunky belt over the waist ribbon? or use the cut off material to make wee cap sleeves, or off the shoulder three quater sleeves?Take it to a professional dyer and they may be able to dye it?or you could get the dress cut down to a skirt and a strapless top?and wear the top with well cut white pants, either skinnys or flared? or the skirt with a cute silver or white top...maybe in silk?with great accessories?thats all i have got!

  3. I also thought maybe you should convert it into a long skirt and do a different top. Either some sort of lace - maybe cream colored or a sheer flowered print that picks up the skirt color and maybe has some long flowing tails or drapes down toward the hip area. Maybe you could use some of the cut off fabric to form some sort of scarf or drape to go over a strapless top to tie it together with the skirt. Can't see the skirt but perhaps add a kick slit for some flare! I wouldn't attempt to dye it. I personally love the color.