Friday, June 5, 2009

Gift Giving

Thanks to the great suggestions ya'll gave to me about that dress! I'm thinking of trying out a few of them (nothing to lose, right?) and if its a total bust just buying something. I've got a few seamstresses on Etsy I'm eying for a possible custom order, but if any of ya'll have worked with anyone before on a custom order that you would recommend, or do custom orders yourself, give me a holler! I'm very excited about the prospect of a custom dress and supporting a fellow Etsy-er!

Speaking of Etsy, this brings me to the actual purpose of my post. A close friend had very unexpected surgery last week. While the surgery went well (what a relief!), she has a long hospital stay ahead of her and then probably a long home recovery full of physical therapy. I want to send her something lovely to brighten her day. My friend is a very down to earth, outdoorsy, nature loving, warm and homey kind of girl. Here are a few things I've been thinking about...

I love this "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams Print" from The Black Apple. I think its very comforting, but I'm not sure if people decorate their hospital rooms (I know I would!)

While perusing The Black Apple, I also noticed these notebooks. Maybe it would be better to send her a little something she could actually use to doodle or keep notes in?

I haven't had many friends in the hospital, and none under these circumstances, so I'm turning to ya'll for advice. Has anyone had a long hospital stay? What made things easier for you? What would you have liked to recieve? Do you have your eye on anything on Etsy that would just be perfect? Maybe I should stick with flowers... or a plant?


  1. I'm back again!go to this blog, as lilli has ordered some lovely cutom dresses off etsy

    I'm a nurse, so my recommendations would be some really nice handcream/lipbalm...maybe something made locally with lots of good stuff in it (hospitals dry out your skin), some books from her fav author, a journal...if shes the writing type, a nice eye mask (hospitals are never quiet at night!), take her ipod and downlaod some of her fav music on to it?....and the best present of all, your support and company!