Monday, May 6, 2013

Me-Made-May Outfit 4


Dress: made by me Washi dress v1
Leggings: recently made by me,(unpictured)

This was day 2 of 2 of constant downpour in Florida- hence the indoors picture. Every time I was somewhere scenic, I was bundled up in my raincoat. Thank goodness I threw in these leggings last minute, or I would have frozen my ass off! On Saturday, we moved operations to Saint Augustine, Florida in hope of enjoying the beach! I think that was overly optimistic! However, it was actually a pretty interesting place (though a but touristy for my liking). Did you know that it claims to be the oldest town in the States? I thinly there are several places in new mexico that would beg to differ, but it was still enjoyable!



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  1. Huh... Freezing in Florida, who woulda thought?? I have loved your me-made-vacation pics -- looks like you're relaxed and having a blast!