Thursday, September 22, 2011

June in Idaho

Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

Sorry for the radio silence around here, folks. At work, I've been out in "the field" (as we geologists like to call it) almost every day, working some long hours. All that there is time for in my life these days is sleeping, eating, and taking Petey on walks (mostly because he gives me that face if I don't). Next week promises to be more reasonable, work-wise, so hopefully I'll be back to my irregularly scheduled posting!

For now, I'll leave with two photos I took in Idaho back in June. I spent an awesome ten days in both Idaho and Wyoming, visiting with friends and enjoying some outrageous scenery. If you scrutinize the lower right-hand corner of the photo below, you'll discover the real reason that we all went to Idaho. Rafting!

Payette River, Idaho