Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Mexico!

Well, it looks live I've become about a once a week blogger! Whoops! I promise to (at least try to) get better once I get a bit more settled in. I've been busy with unpacking and decorating galore (and of course, working lots of 10 hour days out in the field)! I'm so excited to finally have a place to hang up all the art and photos that I love. I've had so many roommates for so long that I haven't gotten to every fully make a house my own. I'll have to share some photos with ya'll once I get things a bit more in order. For now, I just wanted to drop in to let ya'll know that I am REALLY enjoying New Mexico; from the people to the scenery, everything is really quite fabulous! I've been skiing every weekend and generally exploring the area. Just check it out for yourself:



I snapped these shots by the Rio Grande near Santa Fe. It sure is lovely here!


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  1. Lovely shots!
    Decorating your own place is so much fun!